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ADED History
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History of ADED


ADED - The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists was established in 1977 to support professionals working in the field of driver education, driver training and transportation equipment modifications for persons with disabilities and persons experiencing the aging process. ADED’s first officers were Jerry Bowman, President, Jerry Sipajlo, Honorary Past President, David G. Kraemer, Secretary and Dorothy Beard, Treasurer.


ADED was incorporated as a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation in the State of Kentucky, April 27, 1995.  Incorporation remains in the State of Kentucky, while holding license to operate out of the State of North Carolina.


Through education, information dissemination and a certification program for professionals, ADED supports the professionals that they may better serve these individuals.  ADED stands ready to meet the professional needs of its members through educational conferences, professional development activities and a professional certification program.


The history of ADED reflects a unique blending of different professional fields into an organization dedicated to providing quality service in the field of driver rehabilitation, vehicle modifications for driving, transportation and resources for alternative transportation.


The professional fields represented in ADED consist of:

  • Driver Education/Training
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Kinesio Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Rehabilitation Technology
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
It is from the professional skills of these individuals working together that ADED has evolved into a functional organization dedicated to providing excellence in its service to the driver with a disability.

ADED began with an organizational meeting in Detroit, Michigan, on August 25 & 26, 1977. Thirty people, from ten states, representing professionals in the field of driver evaluation and training of persons with disabilities attended this meeting. The initial meeting determined the type of organizational structure, the official name, initial officers, standing committees and membership fees. The first official newsletter was also created.

Since that date, ADED has continued to expand. Emphasis is placed on the yearly conference with its pre-conference workshops, conference training programs and one of the largest exhibits of products for both the driver with a disability as well as for the professional working in this field. Membership also continues to increase with representation from nearly every state plus Canada, Australia, and England.

2015 ADED membership totaled over 900 members consisting of the following membership categories: Individual , Facility , Mobility Equipment Dealer , Corporate and Associate and Lifetime Members.

ADED Presidents:
  • 1977 Jeri Sipallo
  • 1978 Jerry Bouman
  • 1979 Gary Gurgold
  • 1980 David Kraemer
  • 1981 (Office Vacant)
  • 1982 Donald Henson
  • 1983 William Ramsey
  • 1984 Leroy Rotschafer
  • 1985 Fred Merril
  • 1986 Donald Smith
  • 1987 Susan Pierce
  • 1988 Juergen Babirad
  • 1989 Kathie Regan
  • 1990 Cynthia Claus
  • 1991 Charles Puckett
  • 1992 Michael Shipp
  • 1993 Tom Kalina
  • 1994 Charles Puckett
  • 1995 Susan Pierce
  • 1996 Larry Bowen
  • 1997 Anne Hegberg
  • 1998 Heidi Spain
  • 1999 Sally Sullivan
  • 2000 Maryfrances Gross
  • 2001 Susan Lillie
  • 2002 Carol Blanc
  • 2003 Michael McGinn
  • 2004 Chad Strowmat
  • 2005 Lori Benner
  • 2006 Dianna Robertson
  • 2007 Staci Frazier
  • 2008 Lori Benner
  • 2009 Susan Pierce
  • 2010 James Kennedy
  • 2011 Amy Lane
  • 2012 Mary Schwartz
  • 2013 Michele Luther-Krug
  • 2014 Amy Lane
  • 2015 Jenny Nordine
  • 2016 Dana Benoit
  • 2017 C. Dan Allison
  • 2018 Jenny Nordine
  • 2019 - Marc Samuels
  • 2020-Beth Rolland
  • 2021-Bryan Garrison
  • 2022-To Be Elected

Important dates in ADED history:


August 25-26, 1977:  The Association for Driver Educators for the Disabled (ADED) established at first meeting in the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan which included an election of ADED’s first officers.


1978:  First newsletter published.

1988:  ADED chapters established


  • Board of Directors adds corporate representative
  • First secretariat hired:  Victoria Krull (nee: Swanson)

1992:  Development of certification examination process.

1993:  New secretariat hired:  Ricardo Cerna


  • Board of Directors adds vendor representative (MED position).
  • ADED membership reaches 500


  • ADED incorporated as 501-c3 corporation in State of Kentucky
  • First CDRS® examination conducted.

1996: ADED and American Kinseotherapy Association form alliance.  Roger Kelsch,        AKTA, named liaison to ADED.


  • ADED officially changes name to ADED, Inc.; The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.
  • ADED, Inc. launches first website


  • ADED relocates to Ruston, Louisiana.
  • Kathie Regan and Mike Shipp employed as co-executive directors.

2004:  ADED publishes Best Practice document.

2007:  Teresa Evans-Hunter hired as executive director, association re-locates to NC.

2008:  Elizabeth Green hired as executive director, headquarters remains in NC.

2009:  Best Practices updated

2012:  By-laws updated and adopted by general membership, effective 1/1/2013


  • March-ADED hires part time office manager, Robert Dant.
  • April-ADED headquarters relocates to professional office building in Hickory NC


  • Launch of new
  • CDRS® examination criteria updated


  • CDRS® examination offered at over 190 testing centers in North America
  • ADED Code of Ethics updated
  • ADED Best Practices updated
  • ADED mission and vision statements updated
  • New logo launched at annual conference


  • Education Services Manager position created; Lynn Rocap hired.
  • By-laws updated and adopted by general membership, effective 1/1/2017

2017:   New on-line learning platform procured


2018:  ADED membership exceeds 1,000 members


2019:  ADED adopts a new CDRS® logo



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