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Featured Courses
ABC's of Completing a Thorough Vision Assessment for the DRS

Speaker: Cyndee Crompton, MA, OTR/L, CDRS
3 ADED Contact Hours
This seminar provides a starting point for understanding the importance of a thorough visual assessment as part of the clinical assessment. Ocular motor assessment approaches and the OPTEC vision screener assessment tool are introduced. Impairments impacting driving ability are discussed as they relate to behind-the-wheel safety and interventions for maximizing success are introduced.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will gain a better understanding of completing a thorough visual assessment, understand how the results of the OPTEC provide clues for other visual impairments and how to further probe regarding the extent of these deficits. Participants will understand when to compensate, when to rehabilitate and when to advise that driving is unsafe related to visual assessment findings. Case studies are presented via video footage and lecture.

Driving Clients into my Office and Keeping Referral Sources (Parts 1-4)

Speaker: Jenny Nordine, OTR/L, CDRS
2 ADED Contact Hours
Adaptive driving is a unique aspect of the healthcare continuum. How do we ensure other professional consumers and equipment vendors understand our importance? Marketing our skills, knowledge and expertise are critical. This course discusses and provides examples of marketing ideas and techniques incorporated into private practice.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will formulate a marketing plan and budget.
2. Participants will be able to identify the most effective marketing tools.
3. Participants will be able to list and incorporate non-traditional marketing tools.
4. Participants will identify the use of social networking as a marketing tool.

Speaker: Cyndee Crompton, MA, OTR/L, CDRS



Navigating the Legal Landscape
Speaker: Dianna Robertson, OT, CDRS
1.5 ADED Contact Hours
John Seldon has been quoted as saying that "Ignorance of the Law Excuses no Man", but what about the certified driver rehabilitation specialist (CDRS)? This seminar, taped before a live audience, examines the types of legal issues that frequently arise for the CDRS in the course of their work with clients, funding agencies, and government organizations.

Learning Objectives:
1. Participants will introduced to basic legal concepts
2. Participants will be able to apply legal concepts to the field of Driver Rehab
3. Participants will compile a chart of general legal issues, corresponding issues at their facility, and potential solutions.
4. Participants will compile an action plan for addressing legal issues at their facility.
Safely Transporting Mobility Devices
Speaker: Todd Bick, Director of Sales at Harmar, LLC
3 ADED Contact Hours
In a client’s final stage of recovery, their ability to return to work, enjoy daily activities, and live as independently as possible, rests in the hands of registered and licensed Occupational Therapists who typically are also Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. Their services include completing a clinical assessment of a person’s visual, perceptual, cognitive, physical, and behavioral abilities. This assessment helps determine the client's capacity to operate a vehicle independently and may include the consideration of assistive technology devices to transport wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility equipment.

This workshop taped before a live audience discusses these comprehensive assessments outside of adaptive driving and focuses on the client’s ancillary needs in a vehicle environment. From a therapeutic perspective, it will explore the steps needed to properly evaluate the client’s vehicle for stowage and transport of mobility devices and how to obtain accurate and confirmed application information. Also included will be a thorough review of resources available to both therapist and mobility dealership.

This manufacturer’s workshop gives consideration to all things vehicle outside of the behind-the-wheel driving assessment for seniors, adults and pediatric clients. Case studies from real field work are reviewed and discussed.

Learning Objectives:
1. Vehicle consultation – Learn if an existing vehicle is appropriate for the modifications recommended.
2. Understanding manufacturer’s tongue weight and how it affects vehicle handling and driver safety
3. Easy and safe transport of scooters including therapeutic requirements for a vast array of hoist lifts, hybrid platforms lifts, and outside vehicle carriers.
Vehicle Adaptation for the Pediatric Client

Speakers: Dana Benoit OT, CDRS and Alyssa Merilees, OT, CDRS

2 ADED Contact Hours


This seminar will introduce the differences in the clinician’s approach with respect to the pediatric client and his/her family. Adaptations and modifications that are compatible with this population will be highlighted as well as positioning concerns that may arise for the hyper/hypo-tonic young passenger. Securement issues will also be addressed with respect to the young client traveling while seated in their mobility device.


Learning Objectives:

1. The participant will identify elements that are of critical concern when assessing the client and their family

2. Identify key factors which will help determine whether a young client should remain in their mobility device during travel

3. Appreciate the importance of seat belt positioning and mobility device tie-down systems for this clientele.

4. Be introduced to various solutions for clients presenting with complex seating/positioning needs



Vehicle Fitting Best Practices
Speakers: Clinton Matney, CDRS, Peter Hancock, Katy Greene, OTR/L, CDRS
2 ADED Contact Hours
This panel presentation, taped before a live audience, discusses and defines best practices for the fitting process for all types of driving equipment. The panel addressees the roles of all involved in the fitting process and how everyone has a critical part. The team highlights model practices that includes key team members with different backgrounds and experience. The course content is focused on how this unique team from Lexington, Kentucky communicates during the process of a complex vehicle modification (primarily wheelchair dependent drivers and high tech driving systems). Client case studies will be discussed to demonstrate how the fitting process leads to a successful outcome.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding what is the goal of the final fitting.
2. Understanding what the CDRS is responsible for in regards to the fitting process.
3. Understanding what the vendor/technician is responsible for in regards to the fitting process.
4. Understanding what the inspector is responsible for in regards to the fitting process.
5. Understanding the importance of everyone involved communicating effectively so that the goal of the client driving safely and independently is achieved.

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